Loudoun Times-Mirror: Algonkian district about dollars and sense



Rose, a parent of two Loudoun students, announced her intention to run at the Loudoun County Republican Committee meeting May 23, the first of the three candidates to commit in Algonkian.

“I am running for School Board because I am a concerned parent and taxpayer,” Rose said. “As a proud resident of Loudoun County, I am impressed by the education my children are receiving in our Loudoun County Public Schools; however, the economic well-being of this county is threatened by the size of the school budget. All too often I am frustrated at the amount of taxpayer money spent by the LCPS on line items that are unwanted, unnecessary, and not in furtherance of its mission to provide our students with a world class education.”

Rose, who grew up in California and attended UCLA, is no stranger to the board, a frequent and vocal attendee of meetings since she settled into the county.

“Over the last four years, I’ve been very vocal on every cycle of the budget,” Rose said. “There are a lot of great things in our schools, great students and great teachers, but we need to be using the money better.”

Rose said the budget, a 300-page behemoth document, is difficult to understand unless you’re actually a part of the board and are able to see how the money is being spent. She believes her background as an attorney will help her tackle understanding the budget.

Her campaign is focused on opening up the board and allowing more people to have a voice.

“I’m just one voice. I would love to hear other voices,” Rose said.

She proposed an idea where the bead meetings move around to different schools, allowing community members an easier time getting to certain meetings.

Rose said that the board needs to take a hard look at the budget and many of Loudoun’s school programs which she said have been ineffective. She also wants to examine personnel and determine if there is overlap between departments.

“I intend to ask a lot of questions to push back on programs, and seeing if they’re actually effective and if the teachers even want them,” Rose said. “We need to present a good faith budget to the Board of Supervisors. Everyone has to cut back. The Board of Supervisors is less trusting and less cooperative with the School Board. We need to mend that relationship, and have those two bodies working cooperatively as a team.”

To learn more, visit debbierose.org.

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