Parents+Teachers+School Board=Successful Students

Since I announced my candidacy for school board a couple months ago, I have been hard at work going door-to-door talking with parents and taxpayers about public education in Loudoun County. It has been a great learning experience to hear what issues are important to them.

There are the perennial problems with growing class sizes, quality teachers, budget concerns, and the need for more facilities to accommodate students in the future. And, there are many issues new to me, such as transfer credits, participation in sports for home-schooled students, curriculum standards, inclement weather closings, quality of school lunches and the use of technology in the classroom.

A common sentiment expressed by many people is that the school board is not hearing their concerns. This should not be the case. It is the job of the school board to actively bring together parents, constituents, teachers and the administration to find creative solutions to all of our public education issues.

As a member of the school board, I intend to reach out to parents and taxpayers on a regular basis for input on every issue possible. The public should be given the opportunity to be involved and have an impact on the result. Many of the educational concerns can be resolved through a cooperative effort by all the interested parties.

Leadership is not defined by knowing what the answers are, but rather by understanding how to bring people together to work collaboratively toward the core mission of providing students with an excellent education. Loudoun County Public Schools need leaders who can develop solutions with all stakeholders and take action to implement the solutions.

Debbie Rose

Potomac Falls

Ashburn Patch: Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Last week I attended the campaign kickoff for Debbie Rose who is running for a seat on the Loudoun County School Board to represent the Algonkian District. The event was well attended and I was very impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd.

Delegate Tag Greason (R-32) gave a ringing endorsement of Debbie and she outlined her plans for the School Board. I agree with Debbie that we need to provide greater transparency on the budget and look for ways to make LCPS more efficient.

As a mother, I am concerned about our public schools and our quality of life here in Loudoun County. If we can eliminate waste in the school system and invest in our students and teachers, we can improve our schools and free up resources to support other essential functions of government like public safety and even provide tax relief. Seventy percent of our tax dollars are spent on LCPS, we need School Board members that will provide better oversight and direction.

I will be knocking on doors to help spread the word about the campaign, and I encourage my neighbors to learn more about Debbie’s campaign at

Cathy McNickle
Sterling, VA